101 N Country Club Rd #108
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Mon– Fri: 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Sat: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Coding, Game Development, Robotics, and Engineering

Our curriculum is structured in Bronze, Silver, and Gold modules sequenced in the Rainbow Colors Levels. Starting with the Violet color Foundation Level, students progress through Rainbow Colors Level System plus a Black Color final Level (total Eight Levels). A Level consist of 5 to 9 courses.

Steps to Success

    Basic Computer Skills, Computational Knowledge, Digital Logic, Technology Around Us, Introduction to Game Development, Engineering Basics, Encryption Algorithm
  • INDIGO Level
    Introduction to Computing, Programming with Scratch, Programming Constructs in Scratch, Fundamentals of Robotics, Code Decomposition and Debugging, Introduction to JavaScript, Introduction to Python
  • Blue Level
    Intermediate Robotics, Beginners HTML, Introduction to Mobile Development, User Experience in Mobile Development, Intermediate JavaScript and Python

  • GREEN Level
    Introduction to Game Development, Web Design with HTML & CSS, Electronics with Raspberry Pi, Introduction to Algorithm and Databases
  • YELLOW Level
    Digital Graphics, Intermediate Game Development, 2D Game Development, 3D Game Design, Animations, Programming in Drones, Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • ORANGE Level
    Intermediate Virtual and Augmented Reality, Introduction to Hardware and Software, Programming with Alice, Intermediate to Advance Electronics with Raspberry Pi, Robotics with Mindstorm  Vex

  • RED Level
    Audio Engineering, Intermediate to Advance Virtual and Augmented Reality, Advance Raspberry Pi with Python, Advanced Robotics, Introduction to Big Data, Data Visualization, Data Analytics
  • BLACK Level
    Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning