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Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist Jeannette Wing, In 2006, coined the phrase computational thinking as a “universally applicable attitude and skill set for everyone, not just computer scientists”. By learning how to code, kids explore fundamental skills of abstraction, troubleshooting, logical thinking, problem solving. This skillset will prepare them for many career choices, not just as computer scientist, software developer, or programmer.

As technology replaces monotonous jobs, future workforce will have jobs into fields which most of us haven't heard of today. Just like music, literature, and other hands-on skills, a strong foundation in STEM including coding will play a key role in understanding technology and how it works. At MySTEM, our goal is to create such strong foundation for kids as they work on problem solving and creativity, gain experience and leadership, while collaborating and taking ownership of work in finishing their projects.

Yes. There is no required prerequisite in prior knowledge to get into MySTEM entry Badge. With a learn by doing approach, kids immerse themselves in projects requiring design, construction, programming and skills invoking STEM.

Starting with the Violet color Badge, Students progress through Rainbow Colors Badge System in sequence plus a Gold Color final Badge (total Eight Badges). Each colored Badge is categorized into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. A Badge consist of 5 to 9 Programs. Each program takes one month to complete.

Depending on age and skill level, a student begins at the appropriate Badge. With no prior coding experience, students start from the Violet Badge. If your child is savvy enough in coding or is having prior background in programming language, contact us to discuss the best starting point for your child.

Once students have completed the required concepts and projects in a Badge, we will recommend them for graduation. However, for any reason, this does not limit parents to let their child repeat certain programs in a prior or current Badge.

It is not required for parents to know coding. We have experience in teaching and training first time coders in many families.

No. We provide all the necessary hardware and software in class.

No. Our content is designed for hands-on activities to be completed within the allotted time keeping students challenged and engaged with fun.

Please contact us to make up for a missed class. A student will repeat a program for missing three or more classes.

All our languages and tools use open source, so you may access them; however, projects are designed for development in our facility to support appropriate mentoring and to ensure that a child has achieved skills taught in their badge.

There are periodic Friday Socials which serve as an opportunity to bring in friends for a game night, parents night out, birthday party celebration on weekends, and graduation events - recognizing students who have completed Badges. MySTEM will also hold annual hackathon even where kids team up to compete with their fellow peers to solve puzzles and challenges.