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Our tools and technology promote cool and innovate hands-on learning programs which allow kids to explore many options in completing tasks and troubleshooting problems. Classes and Camps are great way to experience STEM concepts in a fun and imaginative settings.

Technologies Used at MySTEM

With an approach to provide learn by doing experience, the after-school classes and camps provides Science and Technology learning experiences in Robotics, Circuit building and Internet of Things (IoT), Programming/Coding, 3D Design + Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Data Visualization. Some of the technologies used at MySTEM are listed below.


Color-coded electronic circuits encourage exploration, creativity, engagement, and experimentation. Concepts such as geometry, operations, measurements, logic gates, and data are made tangible and fun through invention challenges.


Working with LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3 lets you unleash a world of walking, talking and thinking robots that do anything you can imagine. Build and program walking, talking and thinking robots that do anything you can imagine.


Elementary and Middle School is the most formative time in a young student life in which they instill a lifelong interest in the areas of STEM. VEX IQ provides fun, engaging, and hands-on opportunity to explore and experience robotics system.


Teaching students to think computationally: to decompose problems, abstract and modularize, reuse and remix existing solutions, and to test fully to arrive at a working solution. Students will use programming language with a development environment that runs in a browser to design and build mobile apps.


The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, series of small single-board computer credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.


Students feel immersed in an experience, gripping their imagination and stimulating thought in ways not possible with traditional books, pictures or videos, and facilitates a far higher level of knowledge retention. Helping students explore new places and ideas through virtual trips like museums, underwater, and outer space.

3D Printer

Produce physical items upon developing 3D design and models using computer software. Encourage and empower creativity by making mistakes, learn by doing, and guided discovery process.


DS1000Z Series is the new economic level Digital Oscilloscope with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The DS1000Z 4 channel oscilloscopes come in 50, 70 or 100 MHz versions with a 7 inch display and Rigol’s UltraVision technology as well as a host of options. Add the optional analysis, decoding, deep memory, and integrated 2 channel waveform generator for a powerful 4 channel scope.


Students will learn about the basics of machine learning and create their own apps via a game or interactive project that demonstrates a real-world use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.